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The New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons celebrates
Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day this October

The New Jersey Obstetrical & Gynecological Society is an elite group of dedicated obstetricians and gynecologists who practice in the State of New Jersey. Since 1947, NJOGS has been the cohesive force that unites us. With almost 400 members, and growing strong, we are a force to be reckoned with. You know that you can’t “fight the system” alone. We know this, too.

We are united by our commitment to improve the care that we give to our patients. The Society unites all obstetrician-gynecologists, and provides a single voice to sustain our survival as a specialty. Though you might not be aware of it, this Society has been active in Trenton and in Washington. We were there to fight for the subsidy payments that rebated a small portion of the exorbitant medical malpractice premiums that OBGYNs have been saddled with. We worked with Horizon to change the criteria for endometrial ablation. We have forged partnerships with our colleagues in women’s healthcare. We are proud of our ongoing relationship with AWHONN (Association of Women’s Healthcare, Obstetrical, and Neonatal Nurses). We work together, why can we not fight for change together, too?

The Society also provides educational opportunities for its membership. Every year, NJOGS offers two educational conferences, local to New Jersey, and covering issues that are uniquely local. You need to obtain CME credit to stay in practice here in New Jersey. Yes, we can help you there, too.

Why Aren't You a Member?

Physicians, these days, can get much more accomplished by being organized. NJOGS can help the OBGYNs in this state maintain a voice.  We at NJOGS CAN and WILL continue to be actively letting our elective officials know that we are watching. Did you ever think of how important your political voice could be to sway an election? Ever consider telling your patients who you think is speaking for THEM in Trenton?

Applications for membership are available here on the website and you may contact Linda Bartolo, the Executive Director at the Society offices at:

New Jersey Obstetrical & Gynecological Society
26 Eastmans Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: (973) 597-0938, Ext. 105

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NEW JERSEY OBSTETRICAL & GYNECOLOGICAL SOCIETY, 26 Eastmans Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054 (973) 597-0938